California Partition Lawyers

About Partition Actions in California

A partition attorney in California is a legal professional who specializes in the area of partition law, which deals with the division or separation of jointly owned property. When two or more individuals or entities co-own real estate, such as a house or a piece of land, they may have different interests or objectives with respect to the property. In such cases, a partition attorney can help facilitate the partition of the property, which may involve physically dividing the property or selling it and distributing the proceeds among the co-owners.

A partition attorney in California can provide legal advice and representation in various types of partition actions, including:

  1. Partition by sale: This is the most common type of partition action, in which the co-owners agree to sell the property and divide the proceeds according to their ownership interests.
  2. Partition in kind: This involves physically dividing the property into separate parcels, which may be distributed among the co-owners based on their ownership interests.
  3. Partition by appraisal: In this type of partition action, the co-owners agree to have the property appraised, and then one co-owner may buy out the other co-owner(s) based on the appraised value.

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